Why is Homeschool Popular?

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Although there was a point in which the vast majority of society favored conventional schooling over homeschooling, those times are quickly changing. Indeed, in the face of a global health event that has shaken the world to its core, the way in which we do many things has been drastically transformed. That said, the following is an overview of the recent rise in popularity of homeschooling overall.

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Changing Attitudes

As mentioned, in the past, the prevailing attitudes towards homeschool were mostly negative. This is because many people believed that children that were homeschooled were somehow less equipped on a social and even professional level. Nevertheless, with the increased number of students who have been homeschooled and shattered these stereotypes, more and more people are starting to accept as a suitable alternative to the school system.

Home Businesses

Moreover, another reason why homeschool is becoming more popular is that many parents, and mothers, in particular, are starting to create in-home businesses. By working from home, this affords many mothers with the time necessary to be able to school their children. Given that, in the past, many women felt forced to send their children to daycare and schools because they needed to earn an income, the evolution of the working world has made it possible for more and more women to add the title of “homeschool teacher” to their resumes.


Another major reason home school is becoming more popular is because of the popularity and availability of e-books. While decades ago, homeschooling was more difficult due to the lack of resources, it is not possible to get many books and resources online and via apps such as Kindle and others.

Health Concerns

Lastly, the growing health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many parents to want to keep their children out of the public school sector. Especially in the cases of younger children and kids with compromised immune systems, school at home is a very welcomed alternative to public and even private schools, which allows children to be exposed to germs, toxins, and viruses on a regular basis.

Overall, home school is now a popular alternative to schools of all kinds. There is no longer a need to feel pressured to enter your children into the public school sector, as homeschool can provide them when the same, and in some cases, even better benefits.

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