The 8 Best Road trips Around The U.S. With Your Motor Bike

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Road trips are a common thing in the United States. But, many prefer 4-wheel automobiles for these adventures. However, motorcycle road trips are increasingly becoming common because they allow people to engage with the world and landscape in a more open-hearted way. But, the destination you choose will determine whether your motorbike road trip will be memorable or not. So, if you want to have an unforgettable road trip with your motorbike, here are the destinations to consider;

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Road trips around; California’s Pacific Coast Highway

California’s Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most famous road trips scenic routes in the United States. The 600-mile road features redwood forests, rugged coastlines, and pristine beaches. The Pacific Coastal highway will take you through cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Monterey. You’ll also get to ride through beautiful destinations, such as Redwood National and State Park (home to the tallest trees on earth) The Lost Coast (the state’s most undeveloped stretch of shoreline), Mendocino (a charming coastal town with Victorian buildings and art galleries), and the village of Bodega Bay. A road trip with your motorbike along this stretch will not only be exhilarating, but unforgettable and satisfying as well.

Road trips around; The Black Hills, South Dakota

Any Biker who’s been at The Black Hills will tell you that it’s a popular motorcycle road trip destination in the world. The Black Hills are small, isolated mountain ranges that rise from the Great Plains of North America and extend to Wyoming. This area hosts the infamous Sturgis Rally. During the event, the place is littered with Motorbike riders from different parts of the state, with places like Custer State Park, Custer and Hill City, and Dead Wood receiving the most bikers. When the weather allows you, ride across places like Mount Rushmore, and Needles Highway to make the most of your road trip.

Peak to Peak Highway Scenic Byway in Colorado

Peak to Peak Highway Scenic Byway is hardly 600 miles long, but a road trips with your bike along it will be enthralling as it hugs magnificent sceneries and has marvelous sightseeing spots. For example, the sight of Rocky Mountain vistas in the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park will leave you breathless. While this drive is interesting to ride on throughout the year, it’s popular with motorbike riders in the Fall because the mountains bursts into life with sparkling golden leaves of the Aspens trees. Other points of interest along the drive include The Continental Divide, Arapaho, Roosevelt National Forests, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Eldora Ski Resort, Lake Estes, The Central City Opera House, and Elk Mating. Riding on Peak to Peak Highway Scenic Byway should be on your bucket list if you want to see the marvelous wonders that Mother Nature offers.

Three Sisters, Texas

If you’re looking forward to a fascinating road trips in Texas with your motorbike, make a point to stop at The Three Sisters. Consisting of 3 different roads, this 131-mile attraction in Texas begins in Medina and snakes through mountains and canyons. During your ride, you’ll see a vast array of ranches, rivers and cliffs, making it a fun and fulfilling ride for just about anyone. When done riding along this beautiful road, you can enjoy some Texas Barbeque and live music in Austin.

Turquoise Trail road trips in New Mexico

Turquoise Trail is a 54-mile-long highway situated in Northern New Mexico. It offers one of the best motorbike adventure experiences in the country. It’s no wonder that it was nicknamed the New Mexico’s most scenic bike drive. It links Santa Fe and Albuquerque cities and snakes through woodland areas and mining towns, such as Madrid, Golden and Cerillos. It also features eye-catching wildlife and mountain views that any bike rider would love. Some of the places to stop, shop and dine along this highway include Black Bird Salon, Sandia Peak Summer Chairlift, 96.9 FM KMRD, The Great Madrid Gift Emporium and Maggie’s Dinner, Burger Boy and Cindy Sheff, Realtor.

The Deal’s Gap, Tennessee

Any rider who has experienced The Deal’s Gap will tell you that it feels like riding along a dragon’s tail. It has a lot of right and left turns and involves a lot of leaning right and left. That’s why it was nicknamed Tail of The Dragon. It becomes even more challenging when you’re about to reach the border of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park because it has more than 300 curves. Riding here requires you to be sideways almost all the time. You’ll also get the opportunity to snake through vibrant mountains and forests while riding here. While this road can be challenging for first-time visitors, it will be a memorable experience for them. In fact, bikers will never find a challenging stretch like The Deal’s Gap.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This national parkway is famous for its scenic beauty, thanks to the numerous spots beside it, such as breathtaking vistas, roadside picnics, and hiking trails. It’s also America’s longest linear park. It’s 469 miles long and passes through North Carolina and Virginia states. It connects the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Shenandoah National Park. Besides the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Shenandoah National Park, another point of interest along this road is the Cherokee Indian Reservation, Virginia’s Explore Park at Milepost 115, Mabry Mill at Milepost 176.1, Blue Ridge Music Center at Milepost 213 and so on.

Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

If you’re a highly experienced motorbike rider and a road trip enthusiast, Prudhoe Bay in Alaska will be a great road trip destination for you. That’s because it has many bumpy surfaces, twists and turns, and you could encounter rain or snow along the way. You’ll pass across national parks like the Gates of the Arctic and Denali. The landscape along this stretch is a bit spoiled, but you’ll find beautiful scenery and wildlife in unspoiled landscapes.

The United States has some of the world’s most beautiful remote destinations that will not only enable you to interact with nature but also make your life fulfilling. From waterfalls, smooth and rough snaking roads, pristine beachheads, historic towns, remote shopping centres and entertainment spots, motorcycle road trips across America are simply exhilarating.  

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