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‘I can’t breathe’ George Floyd’s death: Another victim of police brutality

Another year, another unarmed black man is killed and dies in the hands of police officers. “I can’t breathe.” Those were the last heartbreaking words from...
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The 8 Best Road trips Around The U.S. With Your Motor Bike

Road trips are a common thing in the United States. But, many prefer 4-wheel automobiles for these adventures. However, motorcycle road trips are increasingly becoming...
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The philosophical definition of wisdom

Wisdom–what is it really? Some of the greatest philosophers, psychologists, poets, spiritual leaders, novelists, and life coaches have all tried to understand the concept of...
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The 3 Greatest Philosophers In The World

A special day for Greatest Philosophers, did you know that every third Thursday of November of each year is ‘’The World Philosophy Day?’’ Well, many...
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The Top Father’s Day Gifts Available on Amazon for 2020 and 2021

With Mother’s Day having now passed us by, many people are turning their attention toward Father’s Day. With Father’s Day coming up quickly, it is...
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How to build your personal site for your career

We will give you advice about starting a personal site for your career; Technology has massively affected how we look for jobs as well as...
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3 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs in the USA

Advances in technology have opened up countless avenues for entrepreneurs. But it takes more than a great idea to get a startup off the ground....